The financial world of crypto can seem quite scary and inaccessible to newcomers. But there are a growing number of platforms claiming to offer the easy borrowing and investment services of banks to crypto holders. We’re going to take a close look at crypto financial service platforms BlockFi and Celsius network to understand which one is best for your financial goals.

What are BlockFi & Celsius?

BlockFi and Celsius are two of the crypto world’s leading platforms for crypto-backed P2P lending and investment.

As one of the first companies to introduce crypto savings and loans, BlockFi is a widely recognized name in the US crypto scene. …

BlockFi may be a good P2P lending platform, but it’s far from perfect. With so many P2P lending platforms out there, you may want to look at alternatives that offer better interest rates, crypto coverage, and customer care.

Admittedly, BlockFi has its appeal and one of the longest track records of any crypto-lending platform today. However, there are downsides to their service.

There are many platforms similar to BlockFi today (source:
  • Borrowers can only enjoy a 4.5% interest rate on loans with a 20% LTV ratio
  • You only get two free withdrawals every month
  • Interest rates drop substantially on the platform after you pass a certain asset value on the…

What is BlockFi and how does it work? BlockFi has become a major player in the US crypto scene by providing a range of lending and borrowing services to crypto holders. In this BlockFi review pros and cons of using BlockFi and whether it is worth the time of lenders and borrowers.

New York-based crypto lending platform, BlockFi has received a ton of attention from the financial world for its work providing banking services to crypto holders. …

Celsius Network has made a big name for itself in the west as a major crypto lending platform. However, if you prefer fewer variable rates, more crypto options, and a wider range of features there are plenty of Celsius Network alternatives available today. MyConstant, BlockFi, and Nexo are three of the other major players competing in the crypto lending space in the US today.

What’s wrong with the Celsius Network? Nothing really. The crypto interest and lending platform is a community favorite, having one of the most attractive interest rates around in crypto lending.

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Celsius network only works through a mobile app, but many other platforms are available on desktop and mobile (source:

But as awesome as the Celsius Network is, it’s not without its…

Celsius Network is a popular crypto-lending and investing platform. Users holding its native crypto, CEL, enjoy utilities such as better interest rates on deposits and discounted rates on loans. According to the platform, investors can expect to earn up to 22.4% APY on deposits while borrowers can enjoy low-interest rates starting from 0.7% APR. In this Celsius Network review, we dissect the good and the bad of Celsius Network and whether it is the best platform for your crypto.

Crypto-lending exploded during COVID-19 as people escaped worsening bank rates. According to a report by DeFi Pulse, there was a record 7X increase in invested funds in the industry between March and August 2020. …

A peer to peer lending app makes investing and borrowing a lot easier for the on-the-go investor. The best apps give you access to all of the platform’s features right on your smartphone along with a smooth interface, integration with banks, and mobile-exclusive features.

People dumped traditional banks for P2P platforms because banks couldn’t adapt to the digital age. While there has been a gradual shift to mobile, there are still banks where you need to walk in the front door to make a wire transfer.

If you want exciting financial features at your fingertips, a peer to peer lending app is the way to go. However, with a rising number of P2P lending apps out there, finding the right choice can be a bit of a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of the best peer to peer lending apps in the USA and why you may want to have them on your smartphone. …

If you’re just starting as an investor, most people will tell you to invest in a high yield savings account or a CD. Both are great ways to earn a little extra on your money with high security. However, there are a few things you should know about both before you get started.

With extra cash in your bank account, you may feel like you have a big cushion. But if you want to achieve financial independence, your savings should be earning interest.

However, you don’t want to put the majority of your savings somewhere risky. …

Are you looking to earn more money from your savings? There are many ways to invest your hard-earned cash today. Two popular ones are high-interest savings accounts and money market accounts. Today, we want to make your investment decisions easier by answering if a high yield savings account or a money market account is better for you.

Your savings can help you immensely when you face unforeseen expenses and your future financial goals.

You need to put your savings in a safe place. Somewhere you can access quickly in an emergency and where it can earn some decent interest.

High yield savings accounts and money market accounts are some of the newest ways people invest their savings today. We want to help you answer which is the better option for you. …

Even if you’re already saving money, you might not be putting it in the best place for your goals. If you’re debating the benefits of a high yield savings account vs a regular savings account look no further. We’ve put together a quick list of pros and cons so you can make an informed choice between the two and help your money grow.

With more and more online-only banks popping up, the differences between online savings accounts vs bank savings accounts is becoming a common question. But what are the main differences between the two?

How bank savings accounts work?

When you open a savings account at a traditional bank, it gives you a place to keep your money safe. Most savings accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means that even if the bank goes under, your money is still guaranteed. …

Crypto lending is a fast-growing field. You no longer have just a couple of platforms to choose from. While Nexo is an easy place to start for many, you may want to look at some Nexo alternatives today for better rates and crypto coverage. Whether you want to invest or borrow, here are some other great sites like Nexo.

Nexo might not be the right choice for you
Nexo might not be the right choice for you
Nexo might not be the right choice for you

Thanks to its safety, track record, and favorable interest rates, Nexo is one of the leading platforms in the crypto loan industry. However, there are a few reasons you might want to look into Nexto alternatives.

  1. Nexo heavily favors its own Nexo token for prime rates for both investors and borrowers. …



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