Unlock value from your financial assets with Constant P2P lending

In today’s global, interconnected economy, it’s easier than ever to find the money you need to do the things you want. Gone are the days when financial institutions alone held the keys to capital. Technology has brought us — and our assets — closer together, creating a sharing economy that benefits everyone instead of an elite few.

What AirBnB did for accommodation, we’re doing for loans. Forget negotiating with bank managers and loan sharks, or losing your savings on risky portfolios. Constant is a fully-secured, non-custodial, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that matches borrowers and investors according to their own rates and terms.

Constant is democratic lending for the underserved and underbanked, underwritten and guaranteed by secure escrows and crypto collateral. For borrowers, this means guaranteed acceptance on favorable terms regardless of credit history. And for investors, guaranteed returns whether loans are repaid or not.

Time to cut out the middleman

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is when one person lends money to another in return for interest. Unlike bank loans, P2P lending occurs between people, not institutions. And without greedy middlemen getting in the way, P2P loans are typically fairer and cheaper than those you get from a bank or other credit provider.

Constant P2P lending goes one step further, however. We let borrowers and investors set their own rates and terms. Our peer-to-peer algorithm matches parties from both sides according to their preferences (a bit like a dating app). From that point on, everything is handled by smart contracts — programmable rulesets that enforce the responsibilities of borrowers and lenders without error-prone humans getting in the way.

When not on loan or earning money in Flex (our deposit account that pays 5% APY), your money rests in multiple insured bank accounts managed by Prime Trust, an accredited US financial institution. Transfers in and out of these accounts are also managed by algorithms — our lending mechanism could therefore run quite successfully without us!

Protection for both investors and borrowers

Anyone can get a loan through us — all you need is an internet connection, bank account, and some cryptocurrency as collateral (we accept bitcoin or ethereum, with more to follow). This enables crypto holders to unlock the value of their assets without selling up, and guarantees returns to investors who might otherwise have been put off by the risk of borrower defaults.

Do you have cash locked up in digital assets? With Constant P2P lending, you can release that value without selling up

We never do credit checks — hard, soft, or otherwise — and there’s no paperwork to fill in. Should the borrower fail to repay, we sell the crypto to repay the investor’s principal and earned interest. Similarly, should the collateral significantly fall in value, we will again sell the crypto and repay the investor. In both cases, the borrower keeps the loan, with zero impact on their credit history.

It is this unique blend of smart contracts, algorithmic automation, secure escrows, and crypto collateral that gives our customers the freedom to choose their own terms without risking their assets — or their creditworthiness — along the way.

How does Constant P2P lending work?

The lending process differs for investors and borrowers, so let’s explore them individually.


First, you decide how much to borrow. You’ll need to put up 150% of the loan amount in cryptocurrency, which gives you a very generous loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 66% — one of the best in the market, in fact.

Once you’ve chosen the amount, term, and interest rate, our P2P lending algorithm searches our investor database to find you a suitable match. If you’ve set market rates, this is usually very quick (within five hours), and once matched, you will receive the loan in your Constant account in minutes.

While you put your loan to use, your collateral is safely stored inside a secure escrow. If you repay on time, and your collateral doesn’t fall below the investor’s expected return (principal plus earned profit), you’ll get your collateral back.

Otherwise, we’ll sell your crypto to repay the investor, but you keep the loan — without harming your credit score.


First, you decide how much you want to invest. There are no limits. Then decide how long you want to invest for and how much interest you want to earn. Once you’ve chosen terms, you wire your investment to our escrow partner, Prime Trust. This usually takes 1–2 business days, depending on your bank.

While our P2P lending algorithm searches our borrower database for a suitable match, your principal is safely stored across multiple insured bank accounts, all managed by Prime Trust.

Once the borrower has repaid at the end of the term, you get your principal repaid plus a healthy profit. If they fail to repay, or if the value of their collateral falls below your expected returns, we’ll sell their collateral to repay your principal and earned profit to date.

Grow your money without putting it risk — Constant P2P lending ensures you get your money back plus a healthy profit

A safer way to achieve your financial goals

Other P2P lending providers rely on expensive measures to protect their investors from borrower defaults. They might buy insurance, maintain a fund to cover losses, or only accept borrowers with a good credit score. Customers pay the price of these measures through enforced rates, terms, or additional fees — none of which sits well with us at all.

At the same time, lots of people hold cryptocurrency as a speculative investment, awaiting a bull run that might never happen. They’re sitting on liquidity that could change their lives for the better. So why not unlock that value — without selling the underlying assets — with a Constant P2P loan?

Our investors want to grow their money. Our borrowers want to unlock value from their crypto. We give our customers the tools and confidence to achieve their goals in the fastest, safest way possible. From personalized terms to flexible withdrawals, discover how easy it is to unlock value from your assets by opening a Constant account today.

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