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We understand you can feel a little anxious investing in someone you don’t know. So, we’re giving away a free $1,000 trial investment so you can test our platform before you commit.

You can set your own rates and terms, and at the end of your chosen period, we’ll take back the $1,000 but you keep the interest. Sound good?

Here’s how it works.

Who’s eligible for the $1,000 trial?

Everyone is eligible. All you need is an internet connection, bank account, and some way of verifying your identity (driving license, passport, identity card, and so on). However, we only have a limited number of trials left — so get in quick while you can!

Can you set your own interest rate and investment term?

Absolutely! Please bear in mind, however, that to get a match on your trial investment we recommend you set market rates. This is around 10%. Also, start with a shorter term — around three months or lower. If you go too high, or choose a longer term, you might not match with a borrower and therefore won’t earn any profit during the trial. So, to make the most of your free $1,000, go for 10% on three months and you’ll get a match instantly.

Do you need to deposit any money?

No — this is a completely FREE trial. We’re doing this to give you experience of peer-to-peer lending and how rewarding it can be. We hope this will give you the confidence to invest your own money in the future, should you want to.

How do you sign up for the free $1,000 investment trial?

Please follow these steps:

  • Visit our website and click “Get $1000 to start” — it’s the blue button on our homepage.
  • Verify your ID by filling out your details on the KYC Information section of your profile. KYC verification should be instant if you live in the US, but might take a day or two if you reside in another country.
  • Once you’re verified, we’ll send you an email. Keep an eye out for this as it might go into your spam/junk folder. Let us know if you haven’t heard back from us.
  • Once verified, we deposit your $1,000 immediately. You’ll see it on the Accounts page.
  • Check in regularly throughout your investment term to see how much interest you’ve earned. It can get quite addictive watching your money grow!
  • Finally, at the end of your term, we’ll deduct the $1,000 but you keep the interest.
  • Spend the interest however you like — perhaps reinvest it for another term and make even more?

Can you keep the $1,000 investment?

We’d love to say yes, but unfortunately, we can’t. We’ll take back the $1,000 at the end of your investment term. But you keep the interest. We’re confident that after the trial you’ll love investing with us, and you’ll continue to invest using your own money. Because that’s what we’re all about — helping you reach your financial goals in the safest way possible.

How long will the $1,000 trial last?

The trial will last until all of them have been claimed. You can check how many free trials are left on our website. We recommend you start yours now, since we’re giving away more and more each day — the early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes!

To start your free $1,000 investment trial, visit our website and follow the steps above now.

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