Tell your friends about us and earn up to 10% on their transactions

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Enjoying our P2P lending platform?

Now you can earn rewards for sharing your experience with friends and family — and they can, too!

For every person you refer, you’ll earn up to 10% interest on their investment earnings and 0.1% on their loan volume.

Sound good?

How Constant referrals work

Step 1 — Share, share, and share again!

First, visit your Referral page. From there, you’ll get your unique referral link to share in three different ways:

  • Enter friends’ email addresses and click invite.
  • Copy your unique referral link and share it on social media.
  • Click the instant share icons for Facebook and Twitter.
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For every person that signs up and makes an eligible transaction, you’ll earn interest.

Step 2 — Help your friends make their first order

To speed things up, we recommend talking your friend through their first order so they’re comfortable with how things work.

Of course, we’re always on-hand to help out, too. If your friend would like a personal introduction to Constant, let us know:

Step 3 — Start earning interest

You earn interest whenever your friends deposit, invest, or borrow on Constant. Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses you’ll receive:

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Earn up to 10% on friends’ transactions

Let’s say your friend — we’ll call him Tom — earns $500 on his deposits in one year. You would then earn 10% of that, so $50.

Another friend, Alice, invests several times in P2P lending — earning a total of $700 for the year. You would earn 5% of that, so $35.

Finally, your cousin James decides to borrow against his bitcoin to buy a new car costing $15,000. You get 0.1% of the loan amount, so $15.

So in one year, your referral earnings would total $100. Not bad for referring just three people — and you can refer as many as you like, though your earnings are capped at $1M.

You’ve helped both Tom and Alice earn a great rate on their money as well as giving your cousin James a chance to unlock the value of his bitcoin without selling up. Everyone is happy :)

To recap

  1. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about us.
  2. For every friend who deposits, invests or borrows you’ll earn up to 10% on their earnings and 0.1% of their loan volume.
  3. You can invite as many friends as you like.
  4. The maximum you can earn in our referral program is $1,000,000.
  5. You’ll earn on friends’ transactions during their first year only.
  6. You can check how you’re doing on the referral page.

Thanks for reading!

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