MyConstant platform Review and Overview 2021

Who is MyConstant?

We are MyConstant, a platform working to bring investing and lending into the 21st century

Our mission at MyConstant

At MyConstant, we’re committed to bringing you the best investment rates and products to grow your portfolio
  1. We will give you the investment tools to achieve real growth on your money.
  2. We will explain, in detail, how those tools work so you can get the most out of them.
  3. We will give you access to global markets so you never miss an investment opportunity.
  4. We will give you a range of products so you can effectively balance risk and reward.
  5. We will aim to provide the best customer support of any investment platform, ever.

MyConstant’s products

We’ve created an ever-expanding roster of investment products for borrowers looking to diversify their portfolios away from traditional markets.

For investors

1. Fixed-term crypto-backed investments

For borrowers

4. Crypto-backed loans

  • Some of the lowest collateral ratios on the market (as low as 110% of the loan’s value)
  • Automatic top-up for your collateral to prevent liquidation.
  • Toggling between single collateral and multi-collateral loans.

Safety on MyConstant

Data protection

We know we collect a fair chunk of personal data when you sign up for a fiat account on MyConstant.

  • We require 2-Factor Authorization (2FA) via a 2FA app (Authy or Google Authenticator).
  • We require password formats that are difficult to hack.
  • We hash password data using SHA-256 so it’s impossible to decrypt.
  • We maintain multi-level security protocols on our servers.
  • We use SSL connections only (the little padlock or HTTPS before our URL).

Asset custody: Our custodial partner, Prime Trust

Full disclosure, MyConstant is not a registered asset custodian. That’s why we partner with Prime Trust, an independent, accredited custodian in the US to store all fiat (and most crypto) assets on our platform.

MyConstant’s custody process through PrimeTrust
MyConstant’s custody process through PrimeTrust

Where MyConstant is going

We’ve matched over $50 million in loans since launch, signed up thousands of new customers, and grown 100% quarter on quarter.

Growing our platform

At this point in the game, one of our largest goals is to establish a sweeping network of investors and borrowers both in the US and abroad. The more sources you have for investing and borrowing, the better interest rates and diversification we can provide for your portfolio.


We know reach and growth are ultimately impossible without adequate education.

In parting

Thanks for taking the time to read our MyConstant mission review. If you’re interested in what we’re doing and want to see how you could be earning up to 9% on your assets, feel free to check out our website today. Sign-ups are free.



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