MyConstant platform Review and Overview 2021

We’ve heard some of you comment that there isn’t a lot of up-to-date information about MyConstant online. We know it’s been a bit difficult to keep up. It feels like we’re adding new features almost every day.

We’re a fast-growing fintech company in an industry that is evolving — quite frankly — at a staggering pace.

Today we want to set the record straight about what we are working on and what we currently offer to customers with a MyConstant platform and company review.

Who is MyConstant?

As it says on our website, we’re a team of economists, engineers, and creatives trying to make new investment tools for the 21st century.

Our team is currently made up of about 32 employees spread across the globe. Our team members hail from the US, Vietnam, Singapore, Scotland, and more.

While we’re based out of the tech startup state of choice, California, we also have a major office in the fast-growing city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The new tech hub of Southeast Asia.

Our mission at MyConstant

Many investors on our platform are true beginners, just scratching the surface of investing with new apps like Robinhood or Etoro. We see that as a sign that we’re doing things right.

The most experienced investors in the US have access to asset classes and money management firms that just aren’t available to the average American.

Our platform isn’t for them.

You see, we believe investment is for everyone, not just people with 6-figure salaries and paid-for homes.

Rates on traditional “safe” investment products for non-accredited investors like bonds, CDs, and savings accounts are currently at all-time lows.

Gone are the days when you could get a rate above 2% on any of these products. With inflation currently above 2% per year, that means you are losing money on anything less.

The rise of investing triggered by fintech apps like Robinhood in the US has shown a real market need. Due to greater accessibility, the “average investor” today looks much more like the average American.

At the same time, we’ve also noticed it’s becoming harder for the average borrower to get a loan from trustworthy institutions like banks at decent rates.

In an age of high-interest automobile and payday loans, we wanted to create a platform that can provide great interest rates again on secured loans through direct investment.

We’ve summed up our mission into these goals:

  1. We will give you the investment tools to achieve real growth on your money.
  2. We will explain, in detail, how those tools work so you can get the most out of them.
  3. We will give you access to global markets so you never miss an investment opportunity.
  4. We will give you a range of products so you can effectively balance risk and reward.
  5. We will aim to provide the best customer support of any investment platform, ever.

MyConstant’s products

We’ve created an ever-expanding roster of investment products for borrowers looking to diversify their portfolios away from traditional markets.

At the same time, we’ve also created tools for crypto borrowers to leverage their portfolios and use crypto to free-up cash for fairer loans.

For investors

1. Fixed-term crypto-backed investments

Our fixed-term product lets you lock your funds in for a term between 1–6 months and earn up to 7% APR through crypto-backed loans. All investments are backed over 100% by cryptocurrency collateral that can be sold if your borrower defaults.

This often leads to the following question:

Why would a borrower take out a loan with assets worth more than the loan?

Cryptocurrency these days is a currency AND an investment.

Sure you could sell your BTC to pay for a purchase, but what if the price of Bitcoin increases one week later? What if you could have bought three of what you just bought for the same amount of Bitcoin if you’d only waited a week?

In this case, a loan against your portfolio may be a more economic option.

We make borrowers put up a little extra because crypto is a volatile asset. On any given day it can rise and fall by 10% or more. Investor protection is one of our top priorities so we make sure there is always enough collateral to cover your principal.

2. Pooled crypto-backed investment

Out lending pool investment (formerly known as Flex) lets you invest through a pool with other investors in a range of secured individual and institutional loans. All for a base rate of 4% APY compounded every second.

The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to lock-in. We offer unlimited anytime free USD withdrawals. No other crypto-backed lending platform in the industry offers that.

3. Crypto lend

With the rise of DeFi sweeping the crypto world, we wanted to make sure crypto investors got a chance to dip their toes in.

With MyConstant you can invest your held BTC, BNB, or ETH in Crypto-Lend to earn lending to decentralized exchanges like the Incognito pDex for a cut of transaction fees.

For borrowers

4. Crypto-backed loans

As we mentioned above, our crypto-backed loans are ideal for crypto holders who want to unlock the spending power of their assets without selling.

This leads us to another common question:

Why get a crypto-backed loan on MyConstant instead of on an exchange?

Well first, we’re one of the few platforms that let you pool your entire crypto portfolio for one loan.

That means you can piece together your collateral for loans with over 70 different coins and pay off your loan in any of them. We also offer:

  • Some of the lowest collateral ratios on the market (as low as 110% of the loan’s value)
  • Automatic top-up for your collateral to prevent liquidation.
  • Toggling between single collateral and multi-collateral loans.

5. Withdrawing your USD loan in another cryptocurrency

We understand many of you borrowers use your crypto for margin trades. And we know it’s tough using a P2P platform when margin trading on an exchange is so much easier.

But being locked in by one exchange can be a pain. What if they set their trading prices too high or charge you huge transaction fees?

When you take out a loan on MyConstant you can choose to buy over 40 different cryptos and we search the exchanges for you to find the best price possible. All transactions are done in moments and you can use all crypto earnings to pay off your loans.

Safety on MyConstant

Data protection

We know we collect a fair chunk of personal data when you sign up for a fiat account on MyConstant.

We understand it’s uncomfortable giving this amount of data to a platform online. However, we do this to stay legal by complying with US anti-money-laundering laws. Similar standards of identification are fast becoming industry-standard on platforms like Google Pay, etc.

Here are some of the basic ways we protect your data when you sign on with us:

  • We require 2-Factor Authorization (2FA) via a 2FA app (Authy or Google Authenticator).
  • We require password formats that are difficult to hack.
  • We hash password data using SHA-256 so it’s impossible to decrypt.
  • We maintain multi-level security protocols on our servers.
  • We use SSL connections only (the little padlock or HTTPS before our URL).

For more information check out the blog post we wrote on the subject.

Asset custody: Our custodial partner, Prime Trust

Full disclosure, MyConstant is not a registered asset custodian. That’s why we partner with Prime Trust, an independent, accredited custodian in the US to store all fiat (and most crypto) assets on our platform.

When you deposit, Prime Trust stores your money across multiple bank accounts insured to a total of $130,000,000.

Most of our major crypto-assets like BTC and ETH are also stored in dedicated wallets through Prime Trust.

Where MyConstant is going

We’ve matched over $50 million in loans since launch, signed up thousands of new customers, and grown 100% quarter on quarter.

Now that we’re almost two years old, we’re thinking about how we want to expand in the near future.

We like to keep things in layman’s terms but here we want to wax poetic.

Growing our platform

At this point in the game, one of our largest goals is to establish a sweeping network of investors and borrowers both in the US and abroad. The more sources you have for investing and borrowing, the better interest rates and diversification we can provide for your portfolio.

On our end, we want to continue building new options for you to grow your portfolio. The fintech industry is exploding and new options for investment are appearing everywhere. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ones that can bring you a better rate.


We know reach and growth are ultimately impossible without adequate education.

As we mentioned earlier, many of our investors are either new to the world of crypto, alternative investments, or investment in general. We know these investment products can be intimidating and confusing to newcomers. Traditional barriers to entry have kept them in the hands of a select few for decades.

If we are to be a successful platform, we need to tear down these barriers and demystify personal finance and investment. Only then can

We’re working on a couple of different projects to accomplish this. These include our blog on all things finance, our social media accounts, a YouTube channel filled with platform tutorials, and a brand new podcast all about alternative investment.

In parting

Thanks for taking the time to read our MyConstant mission review. If you’re interested in what we’re doing and want to see how you could be earning up to 9% on your assets, feel free to check out our website today. Sign-ups are free.

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