Introducing Constant Pro: tools, insight, and analysis to help you earn bigger returns

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When investing, a little extra detail can go far. This is the philosophy behind Constant Pro — an upgrade to our P2P lending platform that helps you respond to the market in real-time, optimizing your returns.

Here’s an introduction…

What is Constant Pro?

Constant Pro is a professional trading hub complete with charts, analysis tools, and a real-time order book. It’s a behind-the-scenes view of our lending market, and better yet, all the tools are free.

Who is it for?

Constant Pro is designed for professionals, data-driven traders, and those looking to pick the best deals from the market. If you’ve used other trading platforms, many of Pro’s features and benefits will be familiar.

Why use Pro?

To net those big returns, you need to spot the best trading opportunities as they appear. Constant Pro helps you do this and more:

  • Trade in real-time. Instead of waiting for a match, pick your favorite orders and fulfil them in minutes instead of hours.
  • Pick the best deals. Pro’s order book includes every open order in our lending market. Use the book to shop around for the best rates and terms.
  • Find the best time to trade. Use the activity chart to spot trends and patterns that forecast the right time to enter the market.
  • Borrow or invest in a single click. Pre-add collateral and funds and then borrow or invest at the click of a button.
  • Get a partial match on customized orders. Like the amount and rate but want a longer term? You’ll match partially and the remainder will automatically create a new order.

You also get a detailed trading history, a wallet address generator, and an account dashboard.

How does Constant Pro work?

Constant was designed to help boost your returns. Rather than just plugging in your desired criteria, you can use real-time and historic data to trade your own strategy. Let’s take a look at Pro’s four different sections.

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With Pro, you get a real-time order book and matching engine

The open order book is on the left of the screen, and is split between investing and borrowing orders. Investors browse borrowing orders since you’re the lender and the other party is the borrower. The reverse applies if you want to borrow.

The order book is categorized by amount, interest rate, and term. Eventually, these will be filterable criteria, but for the moment, simply click and order and it’ll automatically populate the details under the invest or borrow tabs.

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Once you click an order, the the invest or borrow tab will fill automatically

The invest and borrow tabs work similar to those on our standard interface. The big difference here is that you don’t have to fill in the details yourself. Just click an open order and the details auto-fill — all you have to do is push the button.

Of course, you can change these details before fulfilling the order. Depending on what you change, you will get a partial match or create an entirely new order. For example:

  • If you choose a higher interest rate and/or lower amount, you’ll create a new open order.
  • If you choose a longer term and/or higher amount, you’ll get a partial match. The remainder will go to a new open order.
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On the right, you’ll find a trading dashboard that allows you to pre-load funds or collateral

The Pro dashboard helps you in three ways:

  1. Shows your fund and collateral balances. This ensures you’re always prepared to trade.
  2. Lets you add funds or collateral. Now you can load up on collateral or funds before fulfilling an order, so you’re primed to exploit the market.
  3. Shows all your open orders. Manage and monitor your investment orders at a glance. Matched orders will appear on your Accounts page.
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The candlestick chart tracks interest and loan activity over time

This simple candlestick chart includes:

  • Daily open and closing interest rates.
  • Daily highest and lowest interest rates.
  • Daily loan volume.
  • Loan volume and interest rates over time.

This data can reveal patterns and trends that help you make better investment decisions, such as when to enter the market for the best returns.

Getting started with Pro

Constant Pro tools are all FREE, but we charge a 1% matching fee for borrowers. In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal tips, tricks, and videos to help you get the most out of Pro. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please drop us a line at or give us a shout on Telegram.

Ready to dive in? Start using Constant Pro now.

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