How to send money abroad with Constant (it’s free)

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Did you know that banks charge up to $50 to send money abroad, and up to $25 to receive it? And that’s before they’ve squeezed you on the exchange rate.

Then, you could wait up to five days to receive your money. If your bank lacks exchange partners abroad, they need to go through third parties, which takes longer and costs more. In many cases, it’d be quicker to fly the cash!

Thankfully, you can avoid bank fees and tedious delays with Constant. As a borderless, digital currency, Constant can be sent to anyone, anywhere, for FREE.

Here’s how…

1. First, open a Constant account. It’s free and only takes a few minutes.

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Signing up is super easy

2. Now, we need to verify your identity. This is referred to as KYC (Know Your Customer) and it helps us protect you from fraud. Once you’ve submitted your KYC information, it should only take a few minutes to approve (perhaps a bit longer during busy periods).

If you’re going to buy Constant from a local seller, you can skip KYC verification and move on to the next step.

Submit your KYC information on this page and we’ll do the rest

3. With KYC verification done, you’re ready to start using Constant. Just sign into your account and order Constant from one of the listed local sellers or our US network.

For security, we never take control of your funds. Instead, a smart contract (a piece of code on the blockchain) sends your Constant once you’ve sent an equivalent amount of USD or local currency to our Trust Vault (or a local seller’s bank account).

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You can buy Constant from local sellers or from the Constant network

4. Now you’ve got some Constant, the next step is to click the Send Money tab on the home page. Then, enter the amount of Constant you want to send, the recipient’s email address (if they have a Constant account) or Ethereum Wallet address, and click SEND.

Your Constant will arrive at its destination in minutes, no matter where the recipient is located. Oh, and did I tell you it’s completely free?

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To send Constant abroad, all we need is the recipient’s email address or ETH wallet address

5. The recipient can then save their Constant or cash out.

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The cheapest way to cash out is by selling Constant to a local buyer. This is completely free for everyone, no matter where you are, and the buyer pays you through wire transfer.

You can also cash out through our US network for a tiny, bank-beating fee: 0.5% for regular users and 0.25% for anyone can with a “.edu” email address (education pricing).

If your bank is outside of the US, you can still cash out through our US network, but minimum fees apply. Your bank might also

We’re working on integrating Constant with retailers and businesses worldwide, so one day, you might not need to cash out at all!

To start sending Constant abroad, open an account today.

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