How to invest with MyConstant in 3 simple steps

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Hi there,

Fancy earning 10% (as of 7 Jan 2020, the market rate is 8%) APR or more on your cash savings, stablecoins, or even tokenized gold?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Chris from the Constant team and I’m going to show you how to invest in our fully secured P2P lending platform, from beginning to end.

If you get stuck, or have any questions, please get in touch at or give us a shout on Telegram.

Now, let’s dive in…

Step #1 — Create an investment order

The first step is creating your investment order. We’ll use this order to match you with a suitable borrower. To begin, head to our website and click Invest in the top left corner. You’ll then see the screen below.

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Our Invest page

Now, you can choose:

  • how much to invest. There are no maximum limits, but the minimum is $50.
  • which asset to invest. You can invest using USD and a range of stablecoins, including the gold-backed stablecoin Digix Gold (DGX).
  • the interest rate. You can go as high or as low as you want, but if you want a guaranteed match, choose the default option (as of 7 Jan 2020, the market rate is 8%). The default rate is the market rate — in other words, the rate at which most people match.
  • the investment term. Since you’re lending your money to a borrower, you won’t be able to access it during the investment term. So choose a term you’re comfortable with — either a period of months or a custom term of your own.

Once you’ve chosen your investment details, click Invest now.

Step #2 — Deposit your investment funds

You should now see the screen below. Now, you need to transfer your investment funds (known as the principal) before we match you with a borrower. The fastest and cheapest way to do this is through Zelle, but you can also make a direct deposit or wire the money to one of our bank accounts.

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Transfer your principal through Zelle or wire it to one of our bank accounts

You must complete the transfer within three days or your investment order will expire. If you need longer, just recreate your investment order when you’re ready to transfer funds.

Once your money arrives, usually within one business day, we’ll match you with a suitable borrower. Borrowers typically want the lowest rate possible on their loans, so you’re guaranteed a match at the default (market) rate.

You can check the status of your investment on your Accounts page. Scroll down and on the left side of the screen you’ll see all of your investments.

  • Pending deposit means we’re still waiting for your investment funds to arrive.
  • Matching means we’re finding you a borrower.
  • Matched means your investment is active. You can’t cancel your investment at this point.
  • Closed means your investment has matured or you’ve cancelled it before being matched.
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Track your investments on your Accounts page

Step #3 — Withdraw your investment and profit

When your investment matures, we’ll email you.

Now, you need to decide what to do with your funds:

  • Do you reinvest for another term for even bigger returns?
  • Withdraw everything to your bank account?
  • Withdraw everything to your wallet as a stablecoin?
  • Send your funds abroad?

The choice is yours!

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Hurray! Your investment has matured — what will you do next?

All withdrawals are FREE. So to withdraw cash, click Withdraw fiat on your Accounts page. You’ll then see the screen below.

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Withdraw some or all of your funds to a bank account

Simply enter the amount, payment method, and recipient details — this will be your Zelle email address, or if you’re wiring the money, your bank details. Click Send.

Zelle transfers usually happen in minutes, but a bank transfer can take up to two business days.

To withdraw your investment as a stablecoin, click Withdraw crypto. You’ll then see the page below.

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We support ETH, EOS, and TOMO wallets

Enter how much you want to send, which stablecoin you’d like to withdraw (we support CONST, USDT, USDC, and TUSD), the wallet (ETH, EOS, or TOMO), and the wallet address.

Withdrawing in CONST, our native stablecoin, is FREE and INSTANT. Please make sure the wallet you are withdrawing to supports CONST, and please do not send CONST to an exchange wallet as it may get lost.

And that’s it – investing from beginning to end in just three simple steps. I hope this has been useful. Do let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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