Get up to $50 free when you borrow against your crypto this holiday season

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It’s that time of the year again…

Big dinner with family, big game on TV, and a big Christmas shopping list…

And now, a big promotion from us!

To celebrate thanksgiving and the start of the festive season, we’re giving away up to $50 free to new borrowers until Saturday November 28th.

How to get your $50 Thanksgiving bonus

To qualify, simply borrow cash or stablecoins against one of over 60 different cryptocurrencies before November 28th. Your reward will depend on how much you borrow:

  • The first 100 who borrow at least $5,000 get a free $50 reward.
  • The first 100 who borrow at least $2,000 get a free $20 reward.
  • The first 100 who borrow at least $1,000 get a free $10 reward.

Our thanksgiving promotion applies to new borrowers only.

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion only applies to new borrowers only (borrowers who’ve never used our platform before).
  • Borrowers must complete and pass KYC to withdraw their loan as fiat (USD, for example). Stablecoin withdrawals do not require KYC.
  • To qualify for a reward, you must borrow the minimum amount in a single loan — multiple loans to reach the minimum amount will not qualify.
  • The promotion runs from 00:00 Thursday 21st November to 23:59 Saturday 28th November 2019 GMT.

What is Constant and how does it work?

Constant is a fully secured P2P lending platform where you can unlock the value of your cryptocurrencies without selling up. You set the rate and term and the platform matches you with a lender.

You can then withdraw your loan as USD, USDT, BUSD, DAI, or lots of other stablecoins. When you repay, you get your crypto back.

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A step-by-step visual guide to unlocking value from your crypto

There are no credit checks, no paperwork, and we support over 60 different cryptocurrencies. We offer 24/7 customer service, and securely escrow your collateral until you’ve repaid. So if you’d like a little extra liquidity this holiday season, give us a try and get your $50 reward!

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