Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies with our new staking service

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Last week, we launched a crypto staking service.

Starting with TOMO, you’ll earn 6% APR on any crypto you stake through our platform.

The starting stake is low — just 10 TOMO — and there are no fees. You can also withdraw your stake or interest at anytime (subject to a delay of two business days).

Soon, you’ll be able to stake other cryptocurrencies, but in the meantime, I thought you’d like to know how it works…

Introducing the masternode pool

Staking crypto usually means becoming a masternode. A masternode helps maintain a blockchain network by storing the entire history of the blockchain on their computer, updated in real-time. In return, they get a cryptocurrency reward.

But to run a masternode, you need to stake a large amount of a blockchain’s native cryptocurrency, so not everyone can take part. However, our masternode pool crowdfunds the minimum stake and then divides up the rewards. This dramatically lowers the barriers to entry.

So you can earn interest whether you have 10 TOMO or 50,000. And although you’ll get masternode rewards, you don’t have masternode responsibilities— just supply your crypto and we’ll do everything else on your behalf. Staking has never been this easy.

Why stake your cryptocurrency with us?

As well as no minimum stake, no fees, and a healthy return of 6% APR on your TOMO, there are plenty of other reasons to stake with us:

  1. Withdraw anytime. Since you’re joining a staking pool instead of running the masternode yourself, you can withdraw your stake anytime you like, subject to a short withdrawal period of just two business days.
  2. Earn interest every 30 minutes. No hanging around waiting to see your returns — you’ll get them every half hour, and you can withdraw them anytime.
  3. Cut the cost of loans. If you plan on borrowing through our platform, you can stake your collateral and pay less interest. For example, if you borrow against TOMO at 10%, staking would cut the cost of your loan to 4%.
  4. Support the network. Every masternode plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the network. By joining our masternode pool, you can take pride knowing you’re supporting the blockchain while earning a bit of crypto, too.
  5. Save on hardware and bandwidth costs. You supply the crypto and we’ll take care of everything else — including set-up and management. You enjoy masternode rewards without the hassle of actually being one.

Ready to start staking?

So if you’ve got some spare TOMO and would like to start earning 6% APR, head over to our Crypto Staking page now.

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