Constant shines at CES 2019

Hi there, I’m Ning, Head of Communications at Constant (second from the left in the pic above).

Earlier this month, we were extremely proud to launch Constant at CES 2019.

CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the most important technology events of the year. Every January, thousands of people descend on Las Vegas to learn about tomorrow’s tech trends from the pioneers creating them today.

From foldable TV screens to cryptocurrency debit cards, CES is thronged with innovation — the perfect environment to launch our vision for a more useful, mobile, global money.

Rubbing shoulders with tech enthusiasts was a real joy for us. We met designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, writers, developers, futurists, scientists — even someone who sold chickens! Technology fans, it seems, have no type.

Not only did we learn from the talented people we met, but got some fantastic feedback on Constant and how we can apply it for the greater good across the world. Indeed, we’re looking forward to pursuing many partnerships established at CES.

Of course, CES wasn’t all about drinking coffee and talking to people about Constant. It also involved a lot of hard work — and quite a few sleepless nights (preparing for the launch, not losing money on the slot machines!).

Since Constant is a global organization, many of our team had to drive, train, or fly long distances to get there. Then, it was all hands on deck to get set up.

The booth crew ready to start building the Constant launch pad

Everyone worked hard all weekend to get ready for the show, starting early Saturday morning and finishing up Monday night, ready to welcome the crowds early Tuesday morning.

The countdown begins…

While Constant is (and always will be) a digital money, many people still correlate value, especially monetary value, with something physical, like a coin, note, or a bar of gold.

So, we created redeemable Constant tokens to hand out at CES (pictured above). On the back was a special code CES visitors could use to redeem 1 free Constant (worth one USD) when they signed up.

We believe that once they see how much easier, faster, and cheaper it is to use Constant, we can redraw people’s views on what money should and can be: borderless, stable, and secured with blockchain certainty.

The excitement is a bit much for some of us…
Ready to go!

And once the booth was set, the real work began. With daily footfall in the thousands, CES is a competitive event for exhibitors. We had to outshine the other booths vying for visitors’ attention.

So how did we do it? With free coffee, big smiles, and friendly people — three staple ingredients here at Constant.

How could you say no to that smile?

Then it was just a matter of demoing the website, explaining Constant’s benefits, and giving visitors a chance to try Constant for themselves.

Click, click, done — it’s that easy

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for Constant. People from diverse industries, countries, and backgrounds were keen to learn how Constant stabilizes volatility, removes fees, and reimagines a global financial system that works for its users, not against them.

A great end to a great CES

Thank you to everyone who attended our booth at CES. Your enthusiasm for our vision has inspired us, and we look forward to building Constant with you and everyone else who wants a more useful money.

We love hearing from you, so please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. Join us on Telegram




Peer-to-peer lending built on peer-to-peer technology. Refer & Earn $10 | Website

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Peer-to-peer lending built on peer-to-peer technology. Refer & Earn $10 | Website

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