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Constant and NEO are expanding asset management, liquidity on the blockchain.

Founded in 2014, Neo protocol was created to use blockchain tech and online identities to digitize asset management through smart contracts.

At the time, Neo was worried about the speed of on-chain transactions in current smart contract protocols. They believed the systems hindered long-term scalability on these platforms. So they broke the mold and created a completely new kind of consensus protocol.

Now, in 2019, Neo boasts a much faster transaction rate than its competitors and one of the largest ecosystems in the industry.

Constant P2P lending is another platform that has been trying to disrupt their industry to increase usability. Their crypto-based loan service has catapulted them to the status of the fastest-growing lending platform in Asia.

And as of Today, NEO holders have access to competitive loans on the Constant platform.

By borrowing with Constant, borrowers can get the value of their NEO tokens in USD or stablecoins without divesting.

To get a loan, NEO users simply need to open a Constant account, set their desired interest rate, deposit their collateral to a secure account, and wait to be matched with a lender.

“We were one of the first P2P lending companies to really try to find a sustainable way of quickly securing loans with digital assets,” said Duy Huynh founder of Constant. “We are very happy to now offer our services to some of the early crypto players like Neo.”

Neo is credited with creating the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus protocol. Here’s how it works:

In PoS or PoW systems, block approval must be done by the entire blockchain. In dBFT, block approval is done by smaller groups of individuals called bookkeepers. They are voted in by NEO holders through a PoS system. This system allows for Neo to approve a much higher number of transactions per second, allowing more

By using NEO to obtain loans with Constant, borrowers are not just unlocking the value of their investments. They are participating in a new model of lending that is changing the face of global finance forever.

About Neo

Neo is an open-source, community-driven platform that is leveraging the intrinsic advantages of blockchain technology to realize the optimized digital world of the future.

About Constant

Headquartered in California, Constant is an alternative financial services platform designed to strip out the inefficiencies of the traditional banking industry and help people get more out of their money. Constant was founded by a team of scientists, economists, engineers, and designers, fully devoted to the mission of building simple, elegant financial tools for an increasingly interconnected world.


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