Best time to stake PRV on Constant? Now.

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If you hold PRV or you’re thinking of buying some, you could be earning 80% APR in our staking pool.

Interest is paid every 30 minutes, you can withdraw anytime for free, and all the setup and management is handled by us.

So instead of setting up your own staking node, cut the costs and hassle by staking PRV with Constant.

A token for the privacy conscious

Now is a great time to stake PRV.

With public blockchains leaving an indelible record of your transaction history, it’s easier than ever for others to see what you spend.

Whether you’re buying a latte with bitcoin or donating to your favorite charity in USDT, Incognito bridges multiple blockchains to keep your activity private.

Incognito, however, hides your crypto transaction history from those who might exploit it. So whether you’re buying a latte with bitcoin or donating to your favorite charity in USDT, Incognito bridges multiple blockchains to keep your activity private.

PRV — Incognito’s native utility token — fuels the network and rewards those who validate private transactions. So yes, staking PRV means earning a great return, but importantly, it helps protect your (and everyone else’s) right to transactional privacy in the future economy.

There are currently two ways to get PRV

  1. Buy it from an exchange (such as Incognito’s pDEX)
  2. Convert your Constant balance to PRV (via the crypto withdrawal option).
  3. Earn it through staking.

Incognito uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, so network members — called nodes — earn rewards for staking PRV and approving transactions.

To become a node, however, involves cost and effort — both of which you can skip when staking with Constant.

Stake with Incognito or Constant?

To run an Incognito node, you need either the Node device (currently retailing at $399) or your own VPS (Virtual Private Server). You also need the minimum stake to begin earning rewards, which is 1,750 PRV.

If you buy the Node, you have access to borrowing the minimum stake, and 75% of your rewards go to repay it. With a virtual node, you need the minimum stake and keep 100% of the rewards. In both cases, you need to pay a monthly server fee.

While the Node device is convenient and easy to use, not everyone can afford one. If you go virtual, you need some technical expertise to set up and manage the node as well as the minimum stake to start earning. You’re also responsible for making sure things are operating as planned.

Importantly, you can’t stake more than 1,750 PRV with Incognito. This might change in the future, but for now, it’s an upper limit that you can easily bypass with Constant.

Constant is your third — and possibly better — option. Stake with us and you get 24–7 bandwidth, free setup and maintenance, a small starting stake of just 10 PRV and no maximum stake, and it can all be done in just a few clicks. It’s the simplest, most accessible start to PRV staking — perfect if you’re curious but not ready to commit.

You can read a comparison of PRV staking options below:

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A comparison of PRV staking options

How to stake PRV on Constant

Staking PRV with Constant is easy.

Step #1

Sign up for a free account at Constant. It only takes a minute.

Step #2

On the Invest tab at the top of our homepage, select Crypto Staking.

Step #3

Select PRV from the dropdown box.

Step #4

Enter the amount you want to stake (see below).

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Our crypto-staking page

Step #5

Send your PRV to the wallet address shown. Or, scan the QR code with your Incognito wallet app.

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Instructions for sending PRV to the staking pool

Once we receive your PRV, you’ll start earning interest on it immediately. Interest is paid every 30 minutes, and you can withdraw at anytime for free.

Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

Can I withdraw my PRV at anytime?

Yes, you can withdraw your earnings and stake at anytime for free.

Is the interest variable?

How much you earn through staking depends on a number of factors, including the size of the network, the number of people in the staking pool, the number of approved transactions, and more. For now, it’s 100% APR.

Are there any fees?

No. Signing up to Constant is free, and there are no fees for staking.

Do I need to buy an Incognito Node to stake with Constant?

No. To stake with us all you need is some PRV. That’s it.

Why is the interest rate lower than staking with Incognito directly?

When you stake with Constant, we do all the hard work for you. We cover all setup, hardware, server, and maintenance costs, while you sit back and enjoy the rewards. Also, as this is a staking pool, the rewards are split between those in the pool. Depending on your long term goals, the convenience of staking with us could be worth the reduced interest rate.

How long does it take to start earning?

You start earning interest as soon as we receive your PRV.

Where can I view my earnings?

You can view, withdraw, and un-stake PRV from your Constant coin balance. This is accessible from the Accounts page. You can also view your staking history from the Account activity page.

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