Best alternative to a CD investment today

CD’s have been a popular form of safe investing for decades (source:
  • Certificates of deposit provide steady returns for low risk.
  • CDs are very low-maintenance — which is excellent for those with idle money lying around.
  • CDs have predictable returns — you know when you’re getting your money back and how much you’re getting.
There are a lot of other options now that can give you better returns than CDs for the same amount of work/risk (source:

What are the best alternatives to CD investments?

1. Dividend Stocks

2. ETF’s

  • Low cost for entry.
  • They’re simple to buy, sell, and own.
  • ETFs seldom incur yearly capital gains taxes as mutual funds can; you’ll only pay taxes when you sell your shares in the ETF for a profit.
  • High diversification.

3. Real estate-related investments

These are some of the best alternatives to CDs today

4. Corporate Bonds

P2P lending: the best alternative to CD investment?

  • 100% secured interest for 6–7% APR.
  • Flexible rates and term lengths.
  • When not on loan, your funds earn 4% APY.
  • You can withdraw anytime without additional fees.
  • Easy transition into cryptocurrency.




Peer-to-peer lending built on peer-to-peer technology. Refer & Earn $10 | Website

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Peer-to-peer lending built on peer-to-peer technology. Refer & Earn $10 | Website

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