We’ve heard some of you comment that there isn’t a lot of up-to-date information about MyConstant online. We know it’s been a bit difficult to keep up. It feels like we’re adding new features almost every day.

We’re a fast-growing fintech company in an industry that is evolving — quite…

You might be wondering the best ways to diversify your investments — and the answer might surprise you. Instead of opting for traditional options, why not explore alternative investment ideas that will likely bring you amazing returns?

Expanding and diversifying your investment portfolio is never a bad idea. But instead…

There are many ways you can invest your money today. Some options include trading in the stock market, investing in decentralized platforms, and lending your money peer to peer. Here’s where you should invest your money in 2020.

Where’s the best place to invest money now?

With all the options…


Peer-to-peer lending built on peer-to-peer technology. Refer & Earn $10 myconstant.com/referral | Website myconstant.com

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